5 Memorable Groomsmen Gifts They’ll Actually Use

5 Memorable Groomsmen Gifts They’ll Actually Use


You’ve chosen a few trustworthy friends to be your groomsmen, and now it’s time to “pop the question.” Giving a gift is a thoughtful gesture as you invite them to join your bridal party, but finding the right gift isn’t always easy.

That’s why we’ve rounded up our 5 favorite groomsmen gift ideas that check all the boxes: a great memory of your wedding, a personalized gift, and an item they’ll actually use. 

#1 - Engraved Pocket Knife
Engraved Pocket Knife

A man can never have too many knives, especially if one is personally chosen by a close friend and engraved with his name. This distressed steel pocket knife provides the perfect tool for any adventure with an included serrated blade, seat belt cutter, bottle opener, and belt clip. Choose from a black, natural wood, or rosewood finish.

Take it up a notch: Pair this gift with a gift card to his favorite outdoor store or a National Park pass.

#2 - Monogrammed Whiskey Decanter
Monogrammed Whiskey Decanter

Give your groomsmen a classy upgrade to their kitchen or bar counter with a monogrammed whiskey decanter and matching rock glasses. This is one gift that won’t get “lost” in the cupboard somewhere. Choose from several personalized designs and add your recipient’s name or initials for the perfect personalized gift.

Take it up a notch: Pair this gift with a bottle of fine bourbon or a whiskey-of-the-month subscription.

#3 - Personalized Cigar Box
Personalized Cigar Box

There’s something elegant about a personalized gift box. This one, which comes in a natural, walnut, ebony, or black finish, makes any gift feel like a thoughtful gesture because it shows the level of care you put into assembling it. Even after the cigars or other enclosed gifts are gone, the box will remain as a useful storage item and a reminder of the wedding experience.

Take it up a notch: Fill the box with a pack of fine cigars, a heartfelt letter, a tie or cufflinks for the wedding, or other small gifts.

#4 - Engraved BBQ Set
Engraved BBQ Set

Maybe one of your groomsmen doesn’t like to drink or smoke. But does he like to eat? This portable BBQ set conceals 10 essential grilling tools in an engraved maple wood case, so he can get his grill on wherever he goes. With 11 designs to choose from, you’ll find something that fits him perfectly.

Take it up a notch: Pair this gift with a set of high-quality BBQ rubs, a premium steak gift box, or a favorite sauce to use at his next cookout.

#5 - Personalized Tumbler
Personalized Tumbler

With more than a hundred variations of shapes, colors, and designs to choose from, it’s easy to create a set of personalized tumblers that will feel both personal and heartfelt. Consider creating a set of matching personalized wine tumblers for the Bachelor Party or wedding reception, so they’ll double as a reminder of the fun time you had together. 

(Browse our entire catalog of wedding-themed tumblers for more sizes and designs.)

Take it up a notch: Pair a wine tumbler with a special bottle of wine, a coffee tumbler with organic coffee beans, or a water bottle with energy drink packets for the big day.

How much should I spend on groomsmen gifts?

Different studies of groomsmen gift sales suggest grooms spend around $50 per groomsman on average. Some people like to give expensive gifts, while others write a heartfelt letter and enclose something small but heartfelt. Everyone’s budget is different, but the important thing is that you’re happy with your choice.

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Still looking for a wedding-themed gift? Check out our full wedding gift line-up for more great ideas like these.