Welcome! I'm Marc Pendergraft, your friendly neighborhood creator of Engrave My Memories, and self-proclaimed master of turning golf balls and candy into a thriving empire! Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona - the valley of the sun - my entrepreneurial adventure began at the tender age of three. Turns out, my parent's backyard on the golf course was the perfect venue for my very first business venture - the cutest golf supply and candy shop you could imagine!

This adventurous spirit didn't fade away as I grew older; instead, it followed me through the hallways of middle school, high school, and eventually into the towers of academia. Alongside my formal education, I was a young entrepreneurial Indiana Jones, navigating the labyrinth of running multiple businesses. I even spent a spell of seven years at JPMorgan Chase Bank, which was like my 'business boot camp.'

Everything changed when I started Engrave My Memories in May 2015. It was my 'Eureka!' moment - the time I decided to trade my corporate tie for the carpenter's apron and chase my childhood dream of being a full-time business owner. Because let's be honest, who wouldn't want a job that lets you play with lasers and engrave things all day, every day?

So, here you are, and here I am - grateful that you've stopped by my shop today. As you browse around, I hope you find something that tickles your fancy among my vast collection of unique, personalized products. Whether it's a gift for a special occasion or a treat for yourself (we all need those), each item is crafted with love, humor, and a bit of elbow grease.

Ordering should be as easy as pie - and hopefully, just as enjoyable. So, whether you're looking for just one unique piece or a hundred (in which case, you'll be my new best friend), rest assured, I promise the same level of exceptional customer service. The cherry on top? Our affordable pricing, ensures you don't have to break the bank for high-quality, personalized products.

So, buckle up and prepare for a delightful journey of crafting something incredibly special for you. By choosing us, you're not just supporting a small business, but you're also joining a revolution - the Maker Movement. And for that, I can't thank you enough!

And here's the fun part - we absolutely love to see our creations in their new homes! So, don't hesitate to tag us on social media to give us a glimpse of your Engrave My Memories product in action. Each share is like a virtual high-five to us!

Enjoy your time here, and remember - a little bit of laughter makes every gift better! Thank you for your support!