7 Heartwarming Wedding Gift Ideas for Bride From Groom

7 Heartwarming Wedding Gift Ideas for Bride From Groom


Imagine this: It’s the day of your wedding. 🤵‍♂️✨

Just minutes before the ceremony, you’re standing in a private section of the courtyard, ready to see your bride for the first time before you walk down the aisle.

You feel a light tap on your shoulder and turn around to see her standing before you, beautiful and glowing in her wedding dress and veil. The light hits her just perfectly. You smile and give each other a huge hug.

You pull out the gift you’ve been hiding under your arm and hand it to her. Her eyes widen and she breaks into a bigger smile, surprised by the sweet gesture.

That’s the power of a groom-to-bride gift. While it’s certainly not necessary, this small but meaningful action can make an already special day even more unforgettable.

So whether you’d like to surprise your fiancée on your wedding day, or you’re planning a bride-and-groom gift exchange, keep reading to discover 7 unique wedding gift ideas for the bride from the groom—each one useful, long-lasting, and personalized just for her.

#1 - Personalized Gift Box

Personalized Gift Box

A personalized gift box is the perfect package for any gift, whether a piece of jewelry, a heart-felt hand-written letter, or another special memento.

Choose from several designs for this wedding-themed gift box, then personalize it with your names and wedding date for a wedding keepsake you’ll cherish for years to come.

#2 - Matching Wedding Quote Tumblers

Matching Wedding Quote Tumblers

Make your soon-to-be-wife smile with a pair of matching couple tumblers emblazoned with the words “True Love is the Greatest Adventure” or “And So Together They Built a Life They Loved.”

You might not consider yourself a romantic person, but these sweet quotes will help you find the words to say.

#3 - Wedding Celebration Wine Tumblers

Wedding Celebration Wine Tumblers

These wine tumblers are the perfect accessory for your wedding reception. Sure, they’re not crystal wine goblets, but they’re way more fun.

Choose from six different colors and designs like “Sip Sip Hooray” and “Let’s Drink and Celebrate!” You can surprise your fiancée with a tumbler just for her or go all out and shower the entire bridal party with personalized tumblers.

#4 - Engraved Wedding-Themed Cutting Board

Engraved Wedding-Themed Cutting Board

Does the bride love to cook or entertain? Consider gifting her a wedding-themed cutting board engraved with her new last name and other special details.

One pays tribute to “Our New Home” with your address engraved underneath, while another proclaims “This Is Us” with your names and the year you became a forever family. (And those are only two of the multiple design options.)

#5 - Wedding-Themed Coffee Mug

Wedding-Themed Coffee Mug

Imagine waking up the day after your wedding and pouring yourselves a cup of coffee in personalized “Mr.” and “Mrs.” coffee mugs.

These coffee mugs come in six bright colors, are dishwasher safe, and even come with a spill-proof lid so you can take them on the go.

#6 - Personalized Olive Wood Resin Serving Board

Personalized Olive Wood Resin Serving Board


A beautiful serving board like this is a great first item to buy for your home as a newly married couple.

Crafted from high-quality olive wood and finished with ocean-blue resin, this serving board forms an eye-catching centerpiece for the kitchen or dining room.

Personalize it with one of nine available designs including your family name and other special details.

#7 - Team Bride Water Bottle for Bride & Bridesmaids

Team Bride Water Bottle for Bride & Bridesmaids

If you can swing it, why not surprise your bride and the entire bride squad with a set of matching water bottles? These come in white, pink, red, and other popular colors, and each are personalized with the recipient’s name.

You can find designs for the Maid of Honor, mother of the bride, bridesmaids, flower girl, and more, to create a fun souvenir from the day and a great accessory for pictures, too!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where did the trend of groom-to-bride gifts come from?

It’s not clear where the modern day tradition comes from, but originally, grooms would give a gift to the bride or her family in exchange for her hand in marriage. This was called a dowry or a bride price.

Today’s tradition of giving gifts to the bride from the groom is very different from its more patriarchal past. Now it’s a way for the groom to surprise the bride before they officially get married.

Some couples decide to exchange gifts before the wedding, and the bride gives the groom a gift as well.

Is it customary for the groom to give the bride a gift?

These days it’s becoming more popular, but it’s not necessary. It’s appropriate if the groom would like to give the bride a gift, or if the bride and groom have decided to exchange gifts before the ceremony.

When’s the best time for the groom to give a gift to the bride?

It depends on the gift. If you’d like to surprise your soon-to-be-wife with some special jewelry to wear during the ceremony (presented in an engraved gift box, of course 😉), then giving it before the ceremony is a good idea.

You could give it to her on a different day, before the wedding, to avoid the pressure of a packed schedule.

Or if you plan to give something that would be more useful during the wedding reception, like a set of matching wine tumblers, you might choose to give the gifts to her after the wedding is over.