75+ Best Engraved Gifts to Show Them How Much You Care

75+ Best Engraved Gifts to Show Them How Much You Care


We’ve rounded up 75 of the best engraved gifts you can buy to show a special someone in your life just how much you care ♥️Check out the full list, live now on our website EngraveMyMemories.com 🥳

You're looking for a special gift to show someone in your life just how much you care.

We’ve got you! In this article, we've rounded up 75 of the best engraved gifts you can personalize to celebrate someone's special day.

Whether you're shopping for someone's birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, a wedding, graduation, or a simple surprise to show your love, you'll find something here that will delight your special someone.

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Note: Each product has multiple colors, design options, and/or customization options. Click each image or product link to see more!

Here's what you'll find inside this article:

Best Engraved Gifts for All Occasions

These personalized gifts can make any occasion feel extra special. Each product can be customized with the recipient's name and other personal details to make the next gift-giving occasion a day they'll never forget.

1. Engraved Tumbler


Who doesn't drink water, coffee, or tea? Engraved tumblers make great gifts for everyone and every occasion. You can find hundreds of designs to reflect your recipient's hobbies, passions, profession, and more! Tumblers come in wide and skinny sizes.

2. Marble Charcuterie Board

Marble Charcuterie Board

A charcuterie board or cheese plate is the perfect centerpiece for any holiday or family gathering. This personalized marble charcuterie board is a great gift idea for a housewarming party, wedding, or holiday present for someone who loves to cook. It features a gorgeous wood panel that can be customized with multiple designs, and comes with 3 serving trays and utensils.

3. Resin Charcuterie Board

This resin-filled charcuterie board will elevate any kitchen decor or holiday table with its elegant design. Perfect for new couples, moms and dads who love to cook, or as a housewarming gift, this personalized board is sure to make your loved one smile every time they use it.

4. BBQ Grilling Set

BBQ Grilling Set

Anyone who loves to grill will absolutely love this BBQ grilling set packaged in a custom-engraved wooden box. Choose from a dozen different designs to match your loved one's personality. This set comes with all the tools you need for your next cookout.

5. Engraved Pocket Knife

Engraved Pocket Knife

An engraved pocket knife is an excellent gift for a special man in your life or someone who loves the outdoors. These engraved pocket knives with a sturdy stainless steel blade become a treasured heirloom for years to come. You can add names, dates, and personal messages as a gift for a loved one's birthday, Father's Day, or best man's gift.

6. Personalized Memory Box

Personalized Memory Box

Memory boxes are a wonderful gift idea for many different occasions, like marriages, engagements, birthdays, the birth of a child, graduation, and more. They're not only special because of the custom engraving but also because of the important mementos stored inside. These can become a treasured family heirloom passed on for generations to come.

7. Wooden Cutting Board

Wooden Cutting Board

A laser-engraved wooden cutting board is a fun gift for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or celebrating someone who loves to cook. This one comes engraved with a sweet recipe for love and a personalized message to show the chef how much you care.

8. Engraved Whiskey Decanter

Engraved Whiskey Decanter

An engraved decanter is a stunning gift to display in an office or bar counter, featuring a person's name, business, title, or special achievement they've made. This gift goes above and beyond to pay tribute to that hardworking person in your life who deserves to be celebrated.

9. Personalized Cigar Box

Personalized Cigar Box

Men who love to kick back and enjoy a good cigar from time to time will enjoy receiving a personalized cigar box like this one, which comes in multiple wood finishes and dozens of design options. Great for businesses like the one pictured above, birthday gifts, retirement gifts, and groomsman gifts.

10. Engraved Cigar Humidor

Engraved Cigar Humidor

A humidor is a special type of cigar box that maintains consistent humidity to keep cigars fresh. It's a level up from the standard cigar box and becomes a cherished keepsake for the gift recipient that they can come back to again and again.

11. Custom Wine Tumbler

Custom Wine Tumbler

An engraved wine tumbler is an excellent way to remember a special date in your life. Each time you crack open a bottle of wine, you can remember the event and the special people who mean so much to you. This is a great gift idea for newlyweds, bridal parties, family reunions, sports teams, and more.

12. Engraved Spatula

Engraved Spatula

A special gift for the people in your life who love to grill, this personalized spatula can be engraved with any message you choose. Every time the recipient pulls it out to flip burgers or steaks, they'll be reminded of your thoughts about them. These are great for birthdays, Father's Day, employee recognition, and more.

13. Personalized Water Bottle

Personalized Water Bottle

These days, everyone travels with a water bottle. You can find water bottles with quotes that express your recipients' personality perfectly, like this one for a boating enthusiast. Every time they pull it out for a drink, they'll be sure to smile.

14. Engraved Coffee Mug

Engraved Coffee Mug

Know someone who can't start their day without a cup of coffee? Make their day extra special with an engraved cuffee mug that describes their personality to a T! We have dozens and dozens of tumbler designs that fit everyone from pickleball players to dog moms and more.

15. Engraved Gift Box

Engraved Gift Box

An engraved gift box is a great way to package a gift, instead of wrapping paper that'll get thrown away and forgotten. You can find gift boxes for many occasions, including religious ceremonies like baptism, confirmation, and first communion.

16. Engraved Sign

Engraved Sign

Engraved signs enhance your recipient's home with style and personality, featuring the family's names and special dates in their life. Every time they come home, they're reminded of the special people in their life. Signs come in multiple sizes and dozens upon dozens of designs.

17. Personalized Utility Knife

Personalized Utility Knife

A custom utility knife is the best gift for the outdoorsman or outdoor-loving person in your life. This one comes in two wood finishes and contains 11 knives and tools so your recipient is prepared for anything and anywhere life takes them.

18. Pet Memorial Keepsake Box

Pet Memorial Keepsake Box

No pet owner wants to say goodbye to their furry pal, but a memorial keepsake box is a special way to remember a beloved pet. The recipient can keep favorite photos and special items that remind them of their pet in this beautiful, personalized wooden box.

19. Engraved Wooden Comb

Engraved Wooden Comb

This beautifully crafted wooden comb is a wonderful gift idea for someone who goes the extra mile to look polished. This comb is beautiful enough to win a spot in your recipient's everyday carry. Great as a best man's gift, Father's Day gift, or gift to the groom.

20. Personalized Hammer

Personalized Hammer

You know that person in your life who's always fixing stuff around the house? Consider gifting them a laser-engraved hammer at the next gift-giving occasion. Hammers are customizable with a personal message. It'd also be great for a son or daughter who's just bought their first home.

21. Engraved Whiskey Rock Glasses

Engraved Whiskey Rock Glasses

This sophisticated engraved glass pairs beautifully with the personalized decanter in #8. This one features a monogram that would look elegant on any bar counter, kitchen cabinet, or office shelf.

22. Personalized Beard Comb

Personalized Beard Comb

A great beard deserves a great beard. This beautiful peach wood comb has plenty of space for a name or message and a small design to show your love and appreciation for a special bearded person in your life.

23. Engraved Leather Passport Cover

Choose an engraved leather passport cover for those people you know who can't stay in one place for too long. This would be a great personalized gift for someone studying abroad, starting on a big around-the-world trip, or moving to a new country.

Wedding Gifts for Brides, Grooms, and Bridal Party

Next up, we have a selection of gifts to make your wedding day special or to celebrate a special couple in your life.

24. Mr. & Mrs. Mug

Mr. & Mrs. Mug

Choose this Mr. & Mrs. mug to celebrate a bride and groom. It'd be fun to feature this in the couple's wedding reception to show off their new name as husband and wife. And after the big day, it'll serve as a special reminder every time they pour their morning coffee.

25. Save the Date Hydro Water Bottle

Save the Date Hydro Water Bottle

Forget boring paper invitations. This tumbler becomes a physical save-the-date invitation for your most important guests! Simply engrave the recipient's name and the date of your wedding on the bottle, and they'll have a fun reminder of the event that lasts forever.

26. Letters to the Bride Box

Letters to the Bride Box

Have you heard of the Letters to the Bride tradition? The bridesmaids, the bride's family, and even the groom write heartfelt messages to the bride on her special day. This box is a gorgeous way to carry on this age-old tradition in your family.

27. Bridesmaid Coffee Mug

Bridesmaid Coffee Mug

Whether you're planning to "pop the question" to your bridesmaids or throw a bachelorette party, these personalized coffee mugs can add a burst of personality and color to your pre-wedding celebrations! Plus, your bridesmaids can keep these as mementos of your special day.

28. Best Man Cigar Box

Best Man Cigar Box

A stunning personalized cigar box is a classy way for the groom to ask his friends to be the best man and groomsmen for your wedding. They can enjoy the box and the cigars long after the wedding is over.

29. Just Married Charcuterie Board Set

Just Married Charcuterie Board Set

This charcuterie board set will become a beautiful piece of servingware in a new couple's home. You can customize it with the bride and groom's names and wedding date or choose from more than 10 other designs.

30. Homestead Sign With Family Name

Homestead Sign With Family Name

What better way to celebrate the birth of a new family than to gift them a family sign? This engraved sign becomes a beautiful decorative piece for a new couple's home and marks the year they officially became a family.

Housewarming Gifts to Celebrate a New Season

Discover some unique and thoughtful housewarming gifts that make any new house feel like a home.

31. Housewarming Cutting Board

Housewarming Cutting Board

This personalized cutting board celebrates the comforts of home with gorgeous wood finishes and personalized engravings. You can choose from 12 different designs to give someone a new family heirloom that can be passed down for generations.

32. Housewarming Cigar Box

Housewarming Cigar Box

This cigar box doubles as a meaningful housewarming gift, celebrating a newlywed couple or a new move with personalized names and dates. You can choose from multiple designs and colors to match your recipients' tastes and interior decor.

33. Monogrammed Whiskey Decanter

Monogrammed Whiskey Decanter

For a classy housewarming gift, choose a monogrammed whiskey decanter like this one, engraved with the family's initial. Your recipient will enjoy pulling this out to treat guests to a drink when they visit their home.

34. 11-Piece Charcuterie Board Set

11-Piece Charcuterie Board Set

A personalized serving board isn't just a great gift for a newlywed couple but also works well as a beautiful housewarming gift for a family who's close to your heart. You could even fill it with cheese and hors d'oeuvres and bring it to a housewarming party, then leave the entire board as a gift.

35. Rustic Last Name Sign

Rustic Last Name Sign

These engraved sign designs honor a new home or help families remember a special place after moving away. Available in 4 different sizes and multiple designs, you can create the perfect sign for any home. Some signs even allow you to add the address, state, or coordinates of a special place you want to highlight.

Gifts for Mom On Her Special Day

Moms do SO much, and they deserve to be celebrated! Here are some thoughtful gifts to surprise your mom, someone else's mom, or a special mother figure in your life.

36. Family Wooden Cutting Board

Family Wooden Cutting Board

For a mom who loves to cook, this cutting board celebrates the love, care, and hard work it takes to prepare home-cooked meals for the family. Personalizing it with the family's name makes it extra special, and your recipient will cherish it for years to come.

37. Best Mom in the World Tumbler

Best Mom in the World Tumbler

Choose this Best Mom in the World Tumbler so your mom can show off how much you love her wherever she goes! Personalize it with your name and siblings' names so she can think of you whenever she takes a sip.

38. Personalized Passport Cover

Personalized Passport Cover

This personalized passport cover is perfect for moms who love traveling or taking cruise vacations. Engrave it with her name and choose between multiple colors to make something she will love.

39. Real Housewives of Your Town Tumbler

Real Housewives of Your Town Tumbler

Give a shoutout to a stay-at-home mom by elevating her to celebrity status with this personalized "Real Housewives" tumbler! Customize this with the name of her town for a personal touch. This would also make a great gag gift for any occasion!

40. Mama Bear Tumbler

Mama Bear Tumbler

For the mama bear in your life, these customizable tumblers celebrate her "pack" with a little bear for each child, engraved with the child's name. Great for new moms, Mother's Day, birthdays, and more.

Gifts to Show Dad How Much You Love Him

Don't forget about Dad! Here are some fun and meaningful gifts that are perfect for your dad, someone else's dad, or a father figure in your life.

41. Personalized BBQ Grilling Set

Your recipient loves grilling? He'll get a kick out of this personalized BBQ grill set with a keepsake box and all the tools needed for a cookout. There are multiple designs to choose from, so you'll be sure to find something he'll like.

42. Pocket Knife for Dad

Pocket Knife for Dad

Dads who love fishing, hunting, and the great outdoors will enjoy this personalized pocket knife, just big enough to fit an engraved name or short message. This gift will become a prized heirloom he can pass on to the next generation.

43. Personal Message Hammer

Personal Message Hammer

A personalized hammer is a great gift for the dad who's always tinkering with things around the house. This fits a short personal message, so feel free to include a special note, an inside joke, something you're thankful for, or anything else that will make his day.

44. Personalized Beard Comb

Dads with beards will get a kick out of this personalized beard comb with his name or nickname and a special message. He can carry it wherever he goes and feel like his family is always with him.

45. Coach Tumbler

Coach Tumbler

This personalized football coach tumbler is perfect for a dad who coaches, whether that's your partner, dad, friend, or your child's coach that you want to honor. This tumbler is great for football, but we have designs for other sports, too! (See below for more sport-related engraved tumblers and bottles).

Graduation Gifts to Celebrate a Student

Here are some fun gift ideas for new graduates, whether they're graduating college, finishing med school, or becoming a lawyer!

46. Class of... Tumbler

Class of... Tumbler

These Class of 2024 Tumblers are simple and sweet, yet make Graduation Day feel extra special. You can customize these with a student's name and school name and your choice of multiple colors.

47. Cards & Advice Graduation Memory Box

College graduation is a big turning point in a young person's life. Fill this memory box with cards, personal messages, and words of advice to help a new graduate start their journey on a strong foundation.

48. Doctor Graduate Tumbler

Doctor Graduate Tumbler

Finishing med school and becoming a doctor is a huge accomplishment! Your new doctor can take this water bottle to work with them to remember the loved ones who've been cheering them on since day one.

49. Law School Graduation Decanter

Law School Graduation Decanter

There's something really cool about a personalized decanter in a new lawyer's office. This is a classic gift to celebrate someone passing the bar exam. (We also have designs for doctors, like the one on the right.)

50. Nurse Tumbler

Nurse Tumbler

For the nurse in your life, these personalized tumblers are a great way to put a smile on their face during long or difficult shifts. These come in multiple sizes, colors, and designs, so you can find something that's perfect for your recipient.

Coffee Lover Gifts for the Caffeine-Obsessed

These gifts were designed with the coffee drinker in mind. Whether your coffee-loving friend is celebrating a birthday or other special occasion, these coffee-themed gifts are a great choice.

51. Drink Coffee and Be Awesome Hydro Water Bottle

This Drink Coffee and Be Awesome personalized water bottle is a fun engraved gift for a coffee-loving friend or family member, provided they actually drink water between cups of coffee!

52. Coffee Lover Tumbler

Coffee Lover Tumbler

This black tumbler is short and to the point. Who doesn't want coffee all the time, anytime? Plus, the large size is perfect for filling with multiple cups of coffee or a favorite espresso drink.

53. Coffee Because Adulting is Hard Tumbler

Coffee Because Adulting is Hard Tumbler

Hey, adulting is hard and we deserve a break! This Coffee Because Adulting is Hard provides a much-needed pick-me-up when your recipient needs a caffeine boost. This is one of those gifts you'll end up buying for yourself, too!

54. Life Happens Coffee Helps Wine Tumbler

Life Happens Coffee Helps Wine Tumbler

Did you know you can get coffee designs on wine tumblers, too? With this custom-engraved tumbler, you can still honor your favorite caffeinated drink while sipping wine.

55. More Espresso Less Depresso Coffee Mug

More Espresso Less Depresso Coffee Mug

Finally, the classic gift for coffee enthusiasts: a personalized coffee mug, of course! Why wouldn't you want your coffee mugs to express your love for coffee? 

Pet Lover Gifts for Dog and Cat Moms and Dads

Does your special someone love their pet more than anyone else? Then they'll get a kick out of these pet-themed gifts.

56. Dog Mama Tumbler

The Dog Mama tumbler is perfect for any proud dog mom who's obsessed with their pup. And who wouldn't be? They're like children, but better!

57. Pet Parent Wine Tumbler

Pet Parent Wine Tumbler

This wine tumbler doesn't discriminate—it's designed for any pet parent who's proud of their furry friend. Customize it with the person's name and favorite color for the perfect birthday gift.

58. Sorry I Can't, I Have Plans With My Cat Tumbler

Sorry I Can't, I Have Plans With My Cat Tumbler

Anyone who knows cat people knows they'd rather stay home with their cat. This "Sorry I Can't, I Have Plans With My Cat" tumbler makes that abundantly clear. Make it easy for your friend to cancel plans. With this tumbler, they don't have to say anything.

59. The Best Things in Life Are Rescued Dog Tumbler

The Best Things in Life Are Rescued Dog Tumbler

This tumbler shows your support for friends and family who've rescued a dog. It's not easy to care for a dog who's gone through so much, but awesome pet parents like these deserve the shoutout.

Breast Cancer Awareness Gifts to Show Your Support

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but for cancer warriors and survivors, it's a year-round thing. These gifts can encourage a friend battling cancer and help them proclaim victory in a fun yet powerful way.

60. Breast Cancer Support Squad Wine Tumbler

Breast Cancer Support Squad Wine Tumbler

This Breast Cancer Support Squad wine tumbler is a great way to show your support to a friend. Everyone in your family or friend group can have one engraved with their name.

61. I Fought Like a Girl and Won Coffee Mug

I Fought Like a Girl and Won Coffee Mug

Girls are already tough, but breast cancer survivors are tougher still. This coffee mug celebrates that fight with the quote "I fought like a girl and won" plus the recipient's name.

62. This is What a Warrior Looks Like Water Bottle

This is What a Warrior Looks Like Water Bottle

Whether the cancer fight has been won or is still ongoing, the survivor is a warrior through and through. This water bottle honors and celebrates your recipient's warrior spirit with the quote "This is What a Warrior Looks Like" plus the recipient's name.

63. Nobody Fights Alone Wine Tumbler

Nobody Fights Alone Wine Tumbler

This "Nobody Fights Alone" is another encouraging reminder to your friend battling cancer that they're not alone in their journey. This could be a great gift for a friend who's been diagnosed or as a group gift for the entire support group.

64. This Warrior Won Her Fight Leather Passport Cover

This Warrior Won Her Fight Leather Passport Cover

These breast cancer awareness leather passport covers show off the recipient's strong spirit wherever they travel around the world. Each features an inspiring quote like "This Warrior Won Her Fight" and "Tackle Breast Cancer," plus the recipient's name.

Discover a selection of sports-related gifts for both players and fans that profess a recipient's love for a favorite sport.

65. Slam Dunk Skinny Tumbler

Slam Dunk Skinny Tumbler

Celebrate a basketball player with this Slam Dunk tumbler, customizable with multiple colors and the recipient's name. This is just one of a dozen different basketball designs to choose from.

66. Football Makes Me Happy Wine Tumbler

Football Makes Me Happy Wine Tumbler

Profess your love for football (and your disdain for the general public) with this snarky football-themed wine tumbler. Perfect for pre-game, during-game, and post-game drinks.

67. I'm Here for the Commercials Tumbler

I'm Here for the Commercials Tumbler

Here's a little something for the people who watch the Super Bowl but have no idea what's going on. The "I'm Here for the Commercials" tumbler is for those of us who are just here for the snacks, thank you very much.

68. Golf: It's In My DNA Water Bottle

Golf: It's In My DNA Water Bottle

This "Golf: It's In My DNA" tumbler will become a special keepsake for that man or woman in your life who can't wait for the weekend so they can spend it on the green.

69. I Relish Playing Pickleball Wine Tumbler

I Relish Playing Pickleball Wine Tumbler

A sports-related gift guide wouldn't be complete without an homage to the fast-growing sport of Pickleball. This punny pickleball tumbler (or one of the other 11 designs) would make a great team gift.

70. Personalized Surfing Water Bottle

Personalized Surfing Water Bottle

Know a surfer who loves to spend hours at the beach? This Surf Vibes tumbler gives a shoutout to their dedication and highlights a favorite surf spot, too. Available in multiple colors and multiple designs.

Veterinary Doctor Gifts to Celebrate Hardworking Vets, Students & Family

To round up this article, here's a selection of gifts for veterinarians and vet techs. Not only do vets love animals, but they work tirelessly to make sure our pets are healthy, safe, and comfortable. These gifts are a great way to say "Thank you" to a vet in your life.

71. Vet Tech in Progress Water Bottle

Vet Tech in Progress Water Bottle

This Vet Tech in Progress mug encourages a hardworking vet student. As they face nights of studying and long clinical hours, this water bottle can encourage them to keep going until they reach their goals.

72. This Vet Loves Cats Tumbler

This Vet Loves Cats Tumbler

Doctors aren't supposed to pick favorites, but if you know a vet who's partial to cats, this would be a great gift for him or her. (Luckily, dogs can't read.)

73. Personalized Vet Tumbler

Personalized Vet Tumbler

This one is simple but meaningful, featuring the vet's name and a stethoscope in the shape of a heart around a paw print. Choose from multiple colors to match your favorite vet's personality.

74. Emergency Heroes Vet Wine Tumbler

Emergency Heroes Vet Wine Tumbler

It's tough being on-call in an emergency, but we are so grateful for the ones who are there to help our pets. This wine tumbler honors those vet doctors who work tirelessly to keep animals safe and is personalized with the vet's name.

75. Future Vet Coffee Mug

Future Vet Coffee Mug

This Future Vet coffee mug will keep a busy vet student going as they work to complete their degree. Choose from several colors and personalize with the recipient's name to make it extra special.

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