6 Wedding Gift Ideas for Friends That’ll Stand the Test of Time

6 Wedding Gift Ideas for Friends That’ll Stand the Test of Time

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The typical wedding gift advice is “Stick to the registry,” but what if you’re celebrating a good friend? Sure, you could check a nice set of plates or an immersion blender off the list, but so could anyone else. 

If you really want to surprise a good friend with a thoughtful wedding gift, custom-ordering a personalized item can ensure that you not only create something one-of-a-kind, but also that it won’t get relegated to the dark corners of the basement, instead winning a prized place in the happy couple’s new home.

Here are 6 of our favorite wedding gift ideas for friends that are sure to become a long-lasting wedding keepsake and treasured reminder of your friendship.

#1 - Personalized Cutting Board
Personalized Cutting Board

Consider a personalized cutting board like this one made of bamboo and finished with a personalized design celebrating the couple’s special milestone. Don’t be surprised if they choose to display it in a prominent place in their kitchen, since it doubles as a classy piece of home decor.

#2 - Engraved Gift Box for the Couple
Engraved Gift Box for the Couple

What if you’re planning another gift for the couple, but want to add a personal touch? This engraved gift box with a personalized design is the perfect way to package a smaller item—like event tickets, cash, or a subscription receipt—with a box that’ll be cherished for years to come.

#3 - Personalized Whiskey Decanter
Personalized Whiskey Decanter

Give the bride and groom more reasons to celebrate with this sophisticated whiskey decanter and matching glasses engraved with their last name or initial. Choose from several designs to create something they’ll find themselves pulling out at every special occasion.

#4 - Matching Wedding-Themed Tumblers
Matching Wedding-Themed Tumblers

For a more casual twist on the wedding gift tradition, try a set of matching tumblers for the bride and groom. With fun and cheeky personalized designs like “Mr.” and “Mrs.” or “We Said the I Do’s, Now It’s Time for the Booze,” and an array of shapes and sizes, including wine tumblers and coffee mugs, you’ll find something that fits your gift recipients to a tee.

#5 - Personalized Grill Set
Personalized Grill Set

If grilling is your friend’s love language, consider this 11-piece grill set with space for the recipients’ name. The portable carrying case comes packed with everything a person needs to get their grill on anywhere, and each tool has a handy loop for easy storage at home or on the go.

#6 - Engraved Charcuterie Board
Engraved Charcuterie Board

Give the gift of easy party prep with this engraved charcuterie board that includes serving dishes, spoons, and cheese knives—everything they need to create a beautiful spread. Personalize it with the couple’s name, wedding date, or other special details for an attractive, yet super practical gift.

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We hope that this list of 6 ideas has helped you find the right gift for your friend’s wedding, but if you’re still on the search, check out our full wedding gift collection for even more inspiration.

And with that, we wish your friend a very special and happy wedding day! 🥂