Why Do We Get Thousands of 5-Star Reviews? 3 Reasons Why

Why Do We Get Thousands of 5-Star Reviews? 3 Reasons Why


Unless you were born yesterday, you’ve probably bought a few things online in your lifetime. Sometimes a product absolutely delights you. Other times you feel disappointed when a product you buy doesn’t meet your expectations.

Here at Engrave My Memories, we’re proud to have served over 240,000 customers and received 45,000 reviews with an average rating of 5-stars.

What’s the secret behind the parade of happy customers? We think it’s because of our above-and-beyond commitment to customer satisfaction and high-quality products. We work hard to make sure that our customers are not only satisfied with our products and service, but delighted, too.

Keep reading to discover our three commitments to you, the customer, that continue to set us apart from the rest of the industry.

Commitment #1 - Products that stand the test of time
Products that stand the test of time

Purchasing a personalized gift involves a lot of planning and thought, and you want to make sure the gift will live up to your expectations.

We do, too. That’s why we go to great lengths to make sure everything we sell is the best of the best.

Take our testing process, for example. We test every product before we sell it, to make sure it’s durable and long-lasting.

During testing of one wooden product, we found that it wasn’t meeting our standards for durability. But instead of abandoning the product, we worked with the manufacturer to modify it until it met our standards.

We apply this level of testing to all of our products. That’s why we’re confident that you and your gift recipient will have the best possible experience, no matter what you buy from us.


Commitment #2 - Gift-ready packaging
Gift-ready packaging

What a bummer it would be to get a beautiful, custom-engraved gift only to find it wrapped in ugly packaging. Even after spending time to choose and prepare the gift, you’d have to find another gift box and put it together before it was ready to give away.

Not so with us. We want to save you time and effort and make gift-giving a fun and easy experience. That’s why we make sure all of our gifts come in beautiful, gift-ready packaging, so it’s ready to give right out of the box.


Commitment #3 - Careful shipping & above-and-beyond customer service
Careful shipping & above-and-beyond customer service

Finally, we understand that no matter how beautiful the gift is when it leaves our workshop, it’s only as good as the condition it’s in when it arrives to your door.

We make sure all our items are shipped with care with proper protection and handling so they’ll come to your house in mint condition. And if you run into a snag along the way, or if something isn’t what you expected, we’re standing by to assist you and make sure you’re absolutely satisfied with the entire experience from start to finish.


Find the perfect gift at Engrave My Memories

If you’re preparing to order a personalized gift for a loved one or create a keepsake for yourself, you want to know that your products will be high-quality, durable, and safely shipped to you with plenty of time to spare.

We invite you to check out our full product line-up so you too can experience the Engrave My Memories difference on your next gift-giving occasion.